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An example of an APA format annotated bibliography

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Write an annotated bibliography about type 1 diabetes

At least 2 of the resources must be articles from professional journals. Use ProQuest and/or the TUI CyberLibrary to search for articles.

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An annotated bibliography is formed when you summarize the article in minimal sentences depending on the length of the text. When annotating a ...

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This solution gives an example of an APA format annotated bibliography using two articles with the subject of Type 1 diabetes. Information contained in attaced files: The APA format annotated bibliography example, the two Type 1 Diabetes articles used in the example.

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Annotated bibliography on the topic of plagiarism, APA style, or another ethical issue.

Deliverable Length: Annotated Bibliography with 10 sources

Details: My Board of Directors was very pleased with the ideas that resulted from my discussion of plagiarism and the ethical questions surrounding the use of APA to document sources. I am requested to provide an annotated bibliography on the topic of plagiarism, APA style, or another ethical issue to present to my firm.

I need to:
1. Locate 10 sources which are relevant to issue listed and create an annotated bibliography for these 10 sources using APA style.

2. The annotated bibliography should include the following:
A. APA style reference for each source
B. Followed by an Annotation which will include a summary of the source.


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