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    Business Research: Literature Reviews and Annotated Bibliographi

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    Scenario: In your Professional Writing course, the instructor has assigned a major research paper on a subject of your choice. The first phase of the assignment is to conduct a literature review, and create an annotated bibliography of the sources you intend to use in writing the paper.

    After exploring the sub-tabs about Annotated Bibliography How-tos and Literature Reviews, please answer these questions:

    How does a literature review differ from a typical research paper?
    What techniques should you use to summarize and synthesize an entire reference source into a single paragraph annotation?
    How should you assess and reflect on the entries in your annotated bibliography?

    Critical Thinking Question
    Do you believe creating an annotated bibliography for a research project will speed up or slow down the project, overall? Be sure to clearly state the reasons for your opinion.

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    The purpose of conducting a literature review is to inform your research with existing knowledge; the literature review is the tool that you use to organize concepts from the existing literature into a clear and concise format (Rowley & Slack, 2004).

    For this first question referencing Rowley and Slack (2004) you will find that the purpose of the literature review is to evaluate your information sources, help to search and identify more information sources, and develop a conceptual framework of the data. The objective of the literature review is to summarize the status of what is known, or what is currently not known, in the subject area (Rowley & Slack, 2004). On the other hand the purpose of a research paper is to demonstrate a student's understanding in a subject area, to generate and expand ideas from existing knowledge, and to integrate your own observations and insight with the existing literature (Misser, n.d.). For your assignment you will want to associate the annotated bibliography to the ...

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    This write-up discusses conducting a literature review and the creation of an annotated bibliography. Further the discussion of some of the benefits around the creation of a an annotated bibliography. The write-up includes 3 references.