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    Annotated Bibliography

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    For the Week Three written assignment you will be submitting an outline with a thesis statement as well as an annotated bibliography in order to prepare you to write the final paper for this course.

    After deciding upon the three developmental theories you will compare and contrast for the final paper in Week 5, locate research that has been conducted on those developmental theories. You will find research and empirical articles located in the online library. You must click on scholarly, peer-reviewed when searching for your articles. The articles are to be direct reports of research conducted by the authors. The articles are not to be literature reviews, editorials, or book reviews.

    You are to have a minimum of six sources in addition to any use of the textbook. At least five of the sources are to be scholarly, peer-reviewed empirical research articles from which reports of research for evidence-based information can be obtained.

    After you have determined your topic and located your resources, you will be creating an outline. Be sure your outline is written in APA outline form. To see an example of this, please visit the Ashford Writing Center in the left-hand navigation tab. Your outline must include:

    â?¢ A thesis statement that provides the main topic of your paper
    â?¢ Three pieces of evidence that support your thesis
    â?¢ A concluding statement

    At the end of the outline, create an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography for this assignment is one that is in APA format and is followed by a brief description of how the resource is relevant to the topic of your paper. Please visit the Ashford Writing Center for a sample annotated bibliography.

    Please submit your outline with thesis statement and annotated bibliography of six scholarly sources for this week's assignment.

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    The instructor has instructed for YOU to develop a thesis statement regarding developmental theory strategies. I will posit three different developmental strategies, provide the scholarly research articles, and give an example of an APA outline while also providing the annotated bibliography detailing why the journal articles I have provided are relevant to your research. It will be YOUR responsibility to develop the thesis statement, and an outline based upon the APA example that I have provided.
    The three developmental theories I have extensively researched for YOU are Mental Model theory, Cognitive Development Theory, and Self-Regulated Learning Theory.


    Include at least two elements under each of the sections in the outline. If you have only one element, however, you can add additional information to create at least two points.
    â?¢ Create parallel wording at the beginning of each section of the outline. If the first word begins with a noun, the first words in all other elements in that section must also begin with nouns. If the first word is a verb, the other elements must begin with verbs, etc.
    â?¢ Include a period, and space or tab after each letter or number. Be consistent on using spaces or tabs throughout. (See the sample outline below.)
    â?¢ Use double spacing in the outline for ease in reading or use single spacing throughout and double space between each of the major elements (I, II, II).
    â?¢ Capitalize the first word after each number or letter in the outline. Also capitalize proper nouns, but do not capitalize the other words.
    Type each of the major elements of the thesis sentence into a document using Roman numerals (I, II, III, etc.). Appropriate information can then be placed in the outline as listed ...

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    This resource gives you examples of bibliographies so that you can derive a thesis statement.