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    Ethical issues, design, methodologies, analysis and measurement

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    Details: In preparation for a client meeting, you will now perform fundamental research analyzing and explaining
    how to conduct a literature review to support the research effort. Also discuss how to develop an Annotated Bibliography and how it can be applied to effectively support the research effort.

    how research topics are selected and narrowed.
    the importance of the purpose statement.
    how you have both an ethical and legal responsibility to your client to assure the client that your research methodology and final report will be of the highest ethical standards

    Be sure to cite all references in APA format.


    Recognize ethical issues in the conduct of research and evaluation and their relevance to research efforts

    Identify and select research designs, methodologies, analysis, and measurement strategies to be used in order to conduct a successful research project

    Apply research concepts and principles by developing a research strategy and proposal for a project

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    Conducting Research


    Research pertains to a search related with some specific topic or subject. It can also be outlined as a methodical and organized search for relevant information on an explicit subject. It can also be considered as scientific investigation. It is a long process that needs to be undertaken carefully as otherwise can direct in misleading results and knowledge (Marczyk, DeMatteo & Festinger, 2005).

    Until or unless appropriate objectives are determined along with extensive considerations it will not be possible to attain the aim of a research study. Here, in this paper various considerations related with conducting research like literature review, importance of purpose statement and legal and ethical aspects will be undertaken so that a research can be carried effectively.

    Conducting Literature Review

    Conducting literature review is a significant step in carrying out a research. In this step of the research, understanding in concern to the other relevant works is demonstrated so that the research undertaken is completed effectively and rationally. This establishes a level for the one who is undertaking research to specify what his or her research contribution is going to be (Blum & Muirhead, 2005). An extensive literature review assists individuals in realizing the historical setting of their topic while concentrating on present research drives. If undertaken carefully can facilitate individuals in learning how they can learn to discover the aspects or concerns that may be neglected.

    A literature review can be conducted in various ways but the most effective and rational way of conducting literature review involves subsequent steps:

    ? First of all individuals' should study the problem statement.
    ? Subsequently, he should do extensive search and interpret all secondary literature.
    ? Then, he should choose a suitable index for a reference service or database.
    ? Then, he needs to alter the problem statement into search language.
    ? Afterwards, he should carry out a manual and computer exploration.
    ? Then, he should read all the relevant primary literature.
    ? After, that he should organize notes in a significant manner.
    ? In the end, he should write a review (Blum & Muirhead, 2005).

    An extensive and effective literature reviews assist individuals or researchers in determining that does the topic selected by them is appropriate for research or not or if not what else it can be. In addition to this, appropriate way of conducting ...

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    The ethical issues, design, methodologies, analysis and measurements are examined.