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Develop a research proposal outline

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You selected a research topic and a research methodology to use for that topic. You are now ready to take that topic and develop a research proposal outline. You will do this individually. The proposal outline is the documentation of your research design. The research design needs to link the information or data that will be collected and analyzed to the research questions that will be studied. The research proposal outline should include the following:

-Purpose statement
-Applicable literature
-Research question and hypothesis
-Measurement and analysis approach
-Choice of report format

The topic: Perception of Ethics in Coporate America.
The research method is Qualitative Research Method

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The expert develops a research proposal outline.

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Topic: The perception of ethics in corporate America.
-Purpose statement: The study will encompass the real view those in the corporate world have about ethics and how they see those perceptions being changed or not changed with new laws and focus. It is intended to compile previous research into a more comprehensible single report for use by researchers and corporate America on the value of ethical behavior from various points of view.

-Applicable literature
Adams,J.S., A. Tashchian, T.H.Shore (Feb., 2001)Codes of Ethics as Signals for Ethical Behavior
Journal of Business Ethics Vol. 29, No. 3, pp. 199-211 found at
J. G. Longenecker, C. W. Moore, J. W. Petty, L. E. ...

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