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How to Outline a Research Proposal

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Creating an outline will begin the basis for developing a research proposal. The outline will help you establish your thoughts and guide you to make changes where necessary. By creating this outline, you have a visual that presents a series of questions for the researcher to look at and develop the next series of questions and answers that are might arise.

An efficient outline will establish a series of questions and answers that develop other questions and answers that help the researcher to analyze the proposal and guides the process.

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To begin a research proposal, you begin with a problem. You have already established the subject for your paper. How will the information be gathered?

Start by asking yourself about your topic. What are some of the reasons that this project is being proposed? What are some of the expected outcomes of the research? Have other researchers already studied this area? Will your project be trying to prove or disprove an area previously researched?

What audiences will be interested in your project outcome? Will it be parents, ...

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