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    Why are proposals important?
    What do you think should be included in proposals?
    Why do we need proposals?

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    1. Why are proposals important?

    The research proposal provides a coherent and concise outline of the intended research. This allows selectors to assess the originality of the proposed topic, its viability as a doctoral research project, as well as potential supervisors if the application is accepted. There is no set word limit (upper or lower) for the proposal, however it should be concise and demonstrate the applicant's ability to convey the key elements of the research in a coherent document. The proposal should not usually exceed 1500-3000 words (not including bibliography).

    It is also important because when applying for entry to the MPhil/PhD programme, the research proposal is the primary means by which selectors assess any application. The proposal must, therefore, assist with the identification of the following:

    1. The applicant's proposed area of research and the originality of that research;
    2. Adequate resources for the project (for example, library materials and research expertise);
    3. An appropriate supervisor for the project; and
    4. The applicant's ability to construct and communicate a reasoned piece of writing.

    The research proposal is accompanied by the application form, which will include:
    1. Academic achievements and results;
    2. English proficiency; and
    3. Support from referees.

    2. What do you think should be included in proposals?

    An outline of the research proposal:

    The following is a guide to an effective and coherent structure for the research proposal. ...

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