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    Business Proposals: Content and Purpose

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    Identifying purposes and Potential Problems with Writing Proposals Paper. Describe what are some of the key purposes and problems associated with understanding the requirements of writing a proposal.

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    A written proposal is a communication used in several circumstances:

    1. an unsolicited bid for business
    2. a solicited response to a request
    3. a situation in which a written response is required

    Ideally, the best business proposal is no proposal. If a company is well-positioned or unique in the marketplace, has adequate business and profits, why would the company bother with a proposal? Writing a proposal takes time and energy with no assurance of any additional sales.

    On the other hand, certain situations require a proposal, such as a bid situation. The construction industry, for example, is one in which an RFP (request for proposal) is ...

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    The 400 word cited solution gives a comprehensive look at business proposals including their purpose and content. Business proposals should contain five elements which are explained as to content and purpose for inclusion.