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    Proposal Writing

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    1. Compare and contrast the four standard types of proposals: research, planning, implementation, and estimate proposals. What kinds of proposals have you encountered so far in your personal or professional past?

    2. Examine and describe the five stages of writing a proposal. Who manages these stages in your organization? If you don't have an example in your workplace, describe a fictitious setting.

    3. Illustrate and discuss the four areas of a proposal: Current Situation, Project Plan, Qualifications, and Costs and Benefits. How might your organization (or a fictitious organization) benefit from including these sections in future proposals?

    Add the references and citation information to the responses.

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    //As per the requirement of the paper, the first part compares and contrasts the various standard types of proposals. It will help in gaining knowledge about the various types of proposals that exist in professional or personal life//

    There are obvious differences in the various types of proposals. In a research proposal, the objectives of the research proposal are clearly mentioned. The aforesaid proposal is a perfect blend of the conceptual as well as the management skills. It is very important in developing a research proposal that the outcomes of the business proposal are well defined. This ensures the soundness of the proposal (Writing a Research Proposal for External Funding, n. d.). The main difference in the research proposal as compared to other proposal is that research proposal is developed prior to the performance of a project, business or new plan and is a measure of the viability of a particular business plan. The research proposal usually needs a funding for its conduct.

    The planning proposal of a business plan requires great effort and labor. No doubt, it is a pertinent proposal in developing a business proposal. It enlists the various important aspects of a company which are vital for the growth of the company or the business. The Planning proposal is the most comprehensive proposal that comprises of planning of all the important elements such as defining the business, mission, competitors, customers, market and viability of the product (Baugh & Hamper, 1995).

    The implementation proposal, however, is used after the formation of the research proposal and is used when the project needs to be initiated. The implementation proposal is usually approved by the top management depending upon the viability of a project or plan. The implementation proposal enlists the associated costs, importance of implementation of a project and the outcomes of a particular plan (Baugh & ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 3 pages with references