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    Grant application - letter of intent

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    Please help with answer to the following 2 questions ...

    1. Discuss what is meant by a Letter of Intent. Why do you think it may be important?

    2. Discuss the Evaluation Component. Why do you think it is important to a grant proposal?

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    Here is my response to your problem. These ideas are from my own experience of grant proposal writing, which I have done on a number of occasions on behalf of a not-for-profit organization. I encourage you to do further research and expand on the ideas I have presented here, since these elements are crucial to successful grant applications.

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    1. Discuss what is meant by a Letter of Intent. Why do you think it may be important?

    An important component of writing a grant proposal is the letter of intent. A letter of intent precedes the formal proposal to allow the reviewer to quickly determine if the proposal fits in with the organization's guidelines. Not all organizations offering grants require this initial letter of intent, but when requested it becomes a vital component of the proposal ...

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