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Letter of Intent

I never done any letter of intent before. The school is requesting to submit a letter of intent for phD in information system and technology.
Can you help me writing this letter please.

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When looking at your quesiton, I believe the best way to help you with this is to give you an example. For myself I wrote about my experiences and desires for the future. Below is a copy of my letter of intent to gain admittance to University of Phoenix education doctorial program. I was accepted and am I my 3rd year with them. If you need further assistance writing your letter of intent, please let me know as I'd be glad to help.

Address and phone number

June 9, 2006

Point of Contact Name
University of Phoenix
Street Address
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Dear Ms. SoandSo,
Upon your request I am writing my letter of intent for admission to the University of Phoenix Doctoral program in Education.
My Motivation
Over the last 4 years I have attended online courses through both University of Phoenix and American InterContinental University. I have found my motivation to be my family. Their complete support and the hope of our future has kept me on track and targeted to help me reach my final goal of ...

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My Letter of inent as an example of how to write it to enter a PhD program or doctorate program.