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    Grant Proposals

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    Discuss what is meant by a Letter of Intent. Why do you think it may be important?

    Discuss the Evaluation Component. Why do you think it is important to a grant proposal?

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    The Letter of Intent

    In every grant or funding proposal, a letter of intent is necessary in terms of submitting or formalizing the intention or interest of the potential grant applicant to apply for funding with the grant giving body. It is the second stage of contact between the grand giving body and the individual/group applying for grant. The first point is included in grant/funding research wherein contact happened via grant availability enquiry wherein the party interested to apply for the grant requests for information on the mission, goals and expectations of the grant giving body to assess whether or not the project the party has in mind might be a good fit to the interests of the body for the purpose of funding.

    The letter of intent is essentially a condensed version of a Grant Proposal. The reviewer of the body can quickly assess, via this letter, the 'fit' of the proposed ...

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