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Ensuring a Grant Proposal

What is meant by this expression "A proposal must demonstrate a 'fit' with the institution's mission?" and how might you go about ensuring a grant proposal?

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The grant proposal should help achieve the institution's mission and goals since most foundations are non-profit, mission-driven entities and they seek to make a difference in society whether at grass-roots level or via policy change. Most foundations or institutions address a specific set of unmet needs and hence, the grand proposal must be presented in a way that it may attain this end. In short, in order for a proposal to be funded, it must fulfill the needs of the institution.

Institutions and foundations have guidelines or narrowed their giving and ask questions like how the grant helps them meet their goals, if ...

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The solution explains the meaning of the sentence "A proposal must demonstrate a 'fit' with the institution's mission." It also discusses how to go about ensuring a grant proposal. References included.