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Ineligible Activities That Can Reject a Grant Proposal

Here's hoping someone can help with this.....thanks for your effort. I need approximately 200-300 words to get my paper rolling.

What are some examples of "ineligible activities" that could cause a grant proposal to be rejected?

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Ineligible Activities are the proposed activities that are inappropriate or unrealistic in reaching the goal for which the grant proposal was intended to. These activities are not eligible for funding source approval. Even if you have clearly articulated a need for funding or set forth a clearly defined problem, your proposal may still fail if your proposed approach or activities are inappropriate. Your approach or methods used for resolving an identified problem must be realistic and workable. For example, if your problem targets AIDS prevention among a low income minority population and your strategy or approach to reaching the target population is unrealistic, you risk rejection of your proposal. Likewise, if your actual activities are ineligible for funding consideration or do not directly relate to addressing the needs of your proposal beneficiaries, your proposal will be judged unrealistic. Even when you have demonstrated a particular need and the qualifications to address the need, your project approach and activities must be feasible. Watch out for activities that may have a negative impact or be ineligible for legal reasons. For example, a federal or state agency may not fund projects that will have a serious negative impact on the environment unless your activities are accompanied by a mitigation plan. Another example is a proposal that seeks to protect a group's civil rights through litigation against ...

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