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Grant Proposal Process

1. What are the skills in the grant writing process that would be most useful for writing a grant? How and why?

2. What aspect of the grant proposal process is the most difficult? Why?

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Grant Writing Skills

For Jane Browning, Executive Director of ICCA there is no mystery to good grant writing, to putting together and creating cogent grant proposals that get the nod from funding bodies. Grant writers are tasked with a seemingly gargantuan task - propose a project in paper in such a way that will get the grant providers and funding bodies interested to provide a 'grant' - the gift of money to fund a project. So what skills are most important to grant writers? There are many skills that could come in handy. First off, subject matter expertise is essential especially in the case of the grant writer also being the project proponent (i.e. a Sociologist writing a grant proposal to fund a study on urban homelessness) - expertise on the subject matter is necessary for it will show an understanding and control of key variables affecting subject matter and concerns related to the sociological impact and function of the project. This expertise is part of establishing trust and is as important as the case statement where the grant writer will have to convince the Board or Body to trust him or him and ...

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The solution is a 2-part 792-word essay that explains the necessary skills needed in the grant-writing expounding on the most useful skill needed to write a successful grant proposal. The second part tackles what are seen as the difficult parts of the grant proposal process, expounding on the most difficult by explaining the great difficulty related to securing and ensuring that they are in order. References are listed for expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.