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    Grant Proposals and Organizational Needs

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    #1-Explain what organizational needs and strengths assessments are and why you think they are important to the funder?

    #2-How can you determine whether or not your organization is ready to seek funding? What people or issues would need to be in place before considering writing a grant proposal?

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    #1-Explain what organizational needs and strengths assessments are and why you think they are important to the funder?

    According to Vince Hyman, organizational assessment is a constructive step toward improved performance, forcing organizations to evaluate their development, strengths, challenges and choices that they have on hand. It can help organizations compare their performance with other related organizations. It can be the start of a planned change, a way to motivate board and staff, or a way to give more information to the funder so that he can make a wise funding decision.
    According to Johncock, an organizational assessment provides the following benefits to the funder as well as to the researcher:
    ? It avoids duplication of similar projects.
    ? It is a way to determine the most pressing needs which attracts more funders.
    ? There will be better chances to find the researcher's resources within his agency and community which he can leverage and maximize. As a result, a better project can be done and presented to the funder.
    ? An organizational assessment can better justify the need for the project, grant and in effect, give more reasons for the funder to grant the proposal.
    ? A "needs assessment survey" is an instrument that is important in seeking funding, a tool that can determine the needs and interests for the agency, its clients, and the overall community and this is very important for the funder to know so that he can make better decision. It is the first step in getting a funding successfully. Funders need to know if the researcher has done his homework and will be ready to carry out and manage the project if it is awarded to him.
    According to Sera and Beaudry (2007), other purposes of a grant proposal are as follows:
    ? The funder needs to know that the proposal fits with the mission of the organization and a compelling issue is being addressed.
    ? Funders need to check the scope of the intervention, the methods to be used to implement it, together with the expected outcomes, time frame, staffing, ways to monitor and to ...

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