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    Technicalities in Grant Writing Process and the Proposed Budget

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    1. Technical writing is the practice of explaining technical issues in ways that non-technical people can understand. Why would this be important in the grant writing process?

    2. What is the purpose of a proposed budget? What should it contain?

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    Technical Writing: Grant Proposals

    A technical writer's specialization is the creation, design, maintenance and writing of technical documentation. What is technical documentation? They are usually documents and materials that were written to explain a scientific, mechanical or engineering concept. Technical writers are more often than not subject matter experts so they have the ability to break down complex concepts to simpler, easily understood passages. An example of a technical document written by a technical writer are 'how-to-operate' booklets that come with electrical gadgets (i.e. TV, cameras, computers, mobile phones) and consumer products. Perhaps one of the most complex ...

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    The solution is a 542-word essay (excluding sample proposed budget table) that explains the importance/relevance of technical writing in grant writing; it also explains the purpose of a proposed budget and it's expected contents. References are listed. A word version of the solution that contains a budget table is attached for easy download and printing.