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    Grant Proposal Critique

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    Attached are all documents necessary to assist in completing the critique along with a blank critique sheet. Please USE THE SHEET and follow all directions carefully.

    -You should place an "X" next to every statement on the critique that you believe to be true.

    -Leave blank the statements you believe are NOT true.

    -Directly under each section of statements you need to write a narrative that includes why you agree or disagree with EACH statement. Answers for each section should be one to two paragraphs. You must justify your rating and provide supporting evidence from the evaluated grant.

    See the attachments.

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    I have attached my response on the critique sheet you provided.

    This is an original work and has not been previously published or shared with any other source. This work is to be treated as a guideline to assist you with this assignment. At no time is it intended to be a final submission work and I discourage you from using it as such. Points made and topics discussed in this work should be researched further and validated by the student prior to utilizing it in their own work which will be complied for final submission to their schools.

    Critique Sheet

    Credibility Component
    __x___ Establishes credibility of agency as a good investment
    __x___ Establishes role of contact person
    __x___ Establishes qualifications of agency and staff in areas of activities for which funds are requested

    Rating Summary: The Osceola County Council on Aging, Inc. (OCCOA) is an established 501c3 organization that has provided services to the residents of Osceola County for over 30 years. In the past 8 years it has included services to "at-risk" youth in the area as well. The organization has a formal executive structure consisting of a Board of Directors made up of a wide base of professionals from the area, an Executive Director which functions largely as the CEO, and a CFO that is responsible for all fiscal and budgetary issues of OCCOA. OCCOA also has additional staff functioning in the areas of clerical, case management and volunteers.

    The key staff members, Christina Adames, Toni Purvis, Tom Kellis and Sandy Miller, are trained to handle the aspects of direct service to the various communities and have substantial experience and training in the proposed program.

    Need Component
    __x___ States a problem of reasonable dimension
    __x___ Supports a client need with relevant data
    ______ Establishes the project/program's current need for funds

    Rating Summary: The grant request clearly defines the problem and quantifies the related need as follows: The community which is served is approximately 65% Hispanic and the teen birth rates in Osceola County are extremely high among Hispanic females. The teen pregnancy and STD rates of 47.5 in Osceola County actually exceed the state average of 44.6 (2003 data) which indicates a previously missed opportunity for abstinence only education. There is a second area of opportunity identified within ...

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