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Project Summary, Abstract, Narrative and a Budget Justification

Summary of the following Topic: Project Summary/Abstract, Project Narrative and a Budget Justification into 2-3 paragraph

Submit Grant Proposal, July 2011
Expected Grant Notification: October,2011
Get possession of land from Government January, 2012
Complete building the proposed building July,2012
Obtain computers, books, software, and periodicals. August2012
Recruit personnel. September 2012
Open the library to the public November 2012

Payment to the government for land: $50,000
Cost of building and furniture: $200,000
Cost of books, periodicals, computer hardware, and software: $200,000
Working Capital: $90,000
Salaries $50,000.00
Cost for Generators $20,000
Air Condition (5)Unit $20,000
(4) Used SUV Trucks $20,000

Total Cost $670,000 Thousand Dollars

The number of schools that have improved their curriculum because of the library will be checked every year.
The number of colleges that have improved their courses, course materials, and teaching techniques because of access to library will be enumerated every year.
The number of businesses that access the public library will be enumerated every year.

The departments of the government that access the public library every years will be evaluated every year.

The number of individual memberships every year will be evaluated.

The number of physical visits and online accesses to the library will be evaluated annually.

Liberia has a population of 3,955,000 and the country has no public library to provide information to its citizens. In the information age of today, a country is severely hamstrung if it has little access to information relating to education, technology and business. Even the capital Monrovia has no public library to meet the information needs of the citizens of Liberia. Without a public library the development of Liberia is likely to lag in education, business, and development.

Program Description:
The proposed library will help the citizens of Liberia access latest information through books, periodicals, and online resources. The proposed library will be connected online to most other cities and towns of Liberia so that citizens in those areas can have at least one source of accessing the latest information. The public library will aid dissemination of the latest technological, cultural, and political development. In addition, it will aid the development of courses and study material in the schools and colleges of Liberia.

Goals and Objectives:
The goal of the proposed library in Liberia is to provide one point access to information at little or no cost. This library will have linkages with several other prominent libraries so that the user can access almost any information in any corner in the world.

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Project summary/ abstract, project narrative and budget justification

In July 2011, Grant proposal should be submitted and an Expected Grant report issued in October 2011. When January 2012 comes, a payment of $50,000 should be made to the government to enable the possession of land to be acquired. An estimated cost of building and furniture of $200,000 should be spent to ensure that the proposed building is completed in July, 2012. In August 2012, computers, books, software and periodicals will be obtained after spending an ...

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