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Family Reunion

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My topic will be A Family Reunion. In the project charter it must have

1. Project purpose or justification
2. Measurable project objectives
3. High level requirements
4. High-Level risk
5. Summary milestone schedule
6. Summary budget
7. Project approval requirements (what constitutes project success, who decides the project is succesful, andwho sign off on the project.)

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Complete a project charter template
My topic will be A Family Reunion. In the project charter it must have

1. Project purpose or justification
The project purpose is to get as many members of the extended family for a get together. The purpose is to get the survivors of great grandparents together for a meal, some games, and conversation.

2. Measurable project objectives:
The measurable project objectives are as follows:
1. The number of survivors of my great grand parents that could be got together;
2. The number of persons that participate in the game:
3. The number of persons that participate in the skits:
4. The amount contributed to the community:

3. High level Requirements
There is requirement to locate and send an invitation to each survivor of my great grand parents. Further, it is required to get confirmations from each of them. In ...

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A couple of your cousins have heard from other family members that you are using Excel to organize the family reunion data and create invoices and labels. They have asked you if you can help them create a check registry for one of their projects. They have created a workbook for their project, and you decide to review the formulas they have decided to use.

Download the project workbook.

As you review the workbook, you realize you can create a similar workbook to track payments by each family participating in the family reunion to ensure that you are not using your own money to fund their attendance. You decide to construct a Family Reunion Account workbook that contains information similar to the original Bank Account workbook and uses formulas and functions.

Before you begin creating the workbook, you must define how the workbook will be constructed. The functions you are required to use are IF and SUMIF. You may also use other functions, but these 2 are part of the minimal requirements. The only other minimal requirement is the use of data validation. You must also create a short document (2-4 paragraphs) describing the following:

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