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Can you help in articulating this for me? I need information and ideas to get me started. Thank you.


Thinking like a reviewer and recalling what you have learned about successful proposals write a 2-3 page review of one of the proposals found at: http://www.npguides.org/guide/sample_proposals.htm

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I located an excellent guide to use in reviewing a sample proposal in terms of certain criteria. I provide direction through providing an example of how to apply the criteria to review the proposal, which you can use as a guide. I attached the proposal.


Things to consider in this review are:

(1) Did the authors of the proposal include the following considerations?

? Relates to the purposes and goals of applicant agency
? Strictly adheres to the content and format guidelines of the applicant agency
? Is directed toward the appropriate audience (i.e. those who will review the proposal)
? Clearly addresses the review criteria of the funding source
? Is interesting to read
? Uses a clear, concise, coherent writing style, free of jargon, superfluous information, and undefined acronyms (i.e. it's easy to read)
? Is organized in a logical manner that is easy to follow
? Uses headings so that information can be found easily
? Calls attention to the most significant points in the proposal through the use of underlining, differences in type, spacing, titles, and appropriate summaries
? Is paginated from beginning to end, including appendix when directly appended to the proposal
? Makes appropriate use of figures, graphs, charts, and other visual materials
? Is so meticulously proofread that is has few (if any) grammatical errors, misspellings, or typos (see http://www.npguides.org/guide/grant1.pdf)

(2) In terms of the budget, does the proposal meet the following criteria?

? Has a budget which corresponds to the narrative: all major elements detailed in the ...

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Through a question guide and example, this solution explains how to review one specific proposal that is attached. References are provided.