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    Selecting Appropriate reliable resources

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    Peer-reviewed articles are typically quite trustworthy.
    1. If you had no idea of the source website and you were simply reading the research paper, how would your review of the content of the paper help you determine reliability?
    2. What are the key ingredients of a reputable research paper? Cite sources if used.

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    Peer reviewed articles are typically the most trustworthy resources. The reason for this is that the peer review process is quite lenghly and complex. The authors must write their paper/article and then submit it to a journal. The editor and editorial board of the journal then assesses the paper to determine if the quality of research and writing is acceptable and if the themes of the paper are consistent with what they are looking for in the journal. If the editor is okay with all of these, he or she will send it out to ...

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    This solution discusses why peer-reviewed articles are known to be a reputable source for information, including an explanation of the peer review process. It also discusses factors that should be considered when evaluating an article's credibility.