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    networking a small business

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    Hi, below is a short question i have been given in a lecture, i am having trouble understanding the question and the assumptions & solutions that i should give, please can you help me with this problem.

    The question is worth 20 marks which is split into two sections;
    1, Analysis of the problem including assumptions made (10 marks)
    2, Selection & justification of candidate solutions (10 marks)

    You have been employed as a consultant to advise a retailing company about ways in which it can use networking technology to enhance its business. The company has 20 small retail outlets located in cities throughout the UK and its headquarters (administration office and warehouse/dispatch) is housed on a business park occupying two adjacent buildings.

    Your answer to this question will take the form of a briefing note to appraise senior managers of the majors issues which they shoul consider when selecting an appropriate solution. In addition, the answer should briefly describe candidate technologies indicating advantages and disadvantages for each.

    Marks will be awarded for issues identified in your analysis of the problem as well as the appropriateness of any technologies selected for a solution. State clearly where assumptions have been made.

    thank you

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    1. Issues in selecting an appropriate solution:

    1). Application requirements:

    What application is needed? The applications would fall in the following categories:

    a. data;
    b. voice, such as teleconference.
    c. multimedia, such as video conference.

    Data would definitely be included in the network traffic.
    Whether voice and multimedia is needed would depend on the company size and the nature of the business. Using teleconference and video conference would reduce the cost of business travel. But the investment for such a solution is also significant. So there is a trade off in selecting b or c.

    2). Security requirement:

    How sensitive the data transmitted across the network is? How much portion of the data transmitted is highly security sensitive?

    3). ...

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