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    How are some of the latest trends in the Internet and computing, such as social networking, etc., likely to change the future business models of these (Expedia, Priceline, Google, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay) and other companies?

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    The latest trends in Internet and computing will greatly change business models from Expedia, Priceline, Google, Yahoo, and EBay as well as many other companies in the future.

    Since Expedia is a brokerage model, they use marketplace exchange, auction broker, and so forth for their customers. However, since internet is widespread, people will buy from them on a regular basis to get a hotel, flight, and a car. Perhaps, their website will become interactive with the use of building a community with those in management and current customers to provide feedback to those who work for the company.

    Priceline is also a brokerage model because of the virtual marketplace and to use a search agent to use what a person is looking for in regards to services with various airlines. In the future, they may use social networking as well to not only advertise what they have available to their ...

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    This solution provided ways in which the latest trends are likely to affect current e-business models.