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    Please help to summarize the following subjects:
    Share your impressions of Professor Rappa's Web site (see below) in terms of what areas you have initially found helpful in learning more about each of the following topics: e-business revenue models, usability, trust, and marketing in e-business

    Revenue Models
    Trust and Loyalty:


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    // There are some web links given with query which are to be carefully visited prior to writing for this query. Afterwards, we are required to summarize and write the usefulness of given links in terms of e-business revenue models, usability, trust & loyalty and marketing in e-business. I am going to assist you with these points which would help you to meet the requirements this query. //


    In the present times, information and communication technology is taking place in almost every part of this world and this trend is heavily being adopted by most of the business organizations. Companies are applying e-commerce & e-business for increasing their market share. E-commerce refers to buying and selling over the internet whereas e-business is a broader term which refers to the implementation of information technology for entire business process in an organization (What are E-business and E-commerce? 2009). In the web links given in the question, Prof. Michael Rappa provides significant information on business models, trust, usability and marketing in E-business.

    //As we have taken an overview of E-business in the above paragraph, we will discuss the points according to the requirements of this query. //

    Revenue Models

    Revenue model may be referred to a layout by which an organization seeks to generate revenue by offering products & services to its customers. Prof. Rappa has mentioned some of the basic business models on his website such as brokerage, advertising, infomediary, manufacture (direct), affiliate, community, subscription, utility and merchant model which can be used by ...

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    The response addresses e-business revenue models, usability, trust, and marketing in e-business.