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    Website purpose and architecture plan

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    I need some help with a website plan. I need to articulate the site purpose, target audience and content needs. The first section must also illustrate the site architecture to define the page content, files names, and relationships between pages. The site archtictue map, or storyboard, can be accomplished using Word, PowerPoint, Visio, or etc.

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    Website architecture and purpose
    Here is the description of a website named, "University Web Pages". The website is being designed for a University. The professors, students and other staff members can make their profile online and students and other people can visit them. The website will also include project allotment, assignment submission and will include the details for other events in the University.

    The purpose of the website is to provide a platform to the University for all of its functionalities. All the information regarding the University will be provided through this website. The target would be to include the functionalities so that all the transfer of information is done online. The website would provide a database that would store all the information. Every person related to the University will have a profile, and all the information needed by the person will be posted on his profile. So, all users simply have to visit their profile to access all the required information. The website will provide following functionalities:-
    - Student Online Registration
    - Faculty Registration
    - Course Registration
    - Staff Registration
    - Faculty web pages
    - Student web pages
    - Staff Web pages
    - Mail server
    - Assignment Submission

    The functions are described below

    Student Online Registration:
    This module will allow students to register for a semester. This module will take the details of the student and save them in the database. For old students it would the records and for new students it would create new records. This module will also archive the records of the students who have passed out. New records will be finalized by administrator only.

    Faculty Registration:
    This module is meant for the registration of new faculty. When new faculties are appointed, they will be registered onto the website using this module. Their details will be stored in the database. The courses taught by them would also be stored. New records will be ...

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