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Structures and the IT Organization

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What are process flow structures?

List a structure an IT organization could rely on the most?

How effective has the structure been in achieving organizational goals?

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1. What are process flow structures?

The flow structure of the process used to make or deliver a product or service impacts facility layout, resources, technology decisions, and work methods. The process architecture may be an important component in the firm's strategy for building a competitive advantage. When characterized by its flow structure, a process broadly can be classified either as a job shop or a flow shop. A job shop process uses general purpose resources and is highly flexible. A flow shop process uses specialized resources and the work follows a fixed path. Consequently, a flow shop is less flexible than a job shop.

Examples and distinctions can be made in the process structure such as:

*Project - Example: building construction
*Job shop - Example: print shop
*Batch process - Example: bakery
*Assembly line - Example: automobile production line
*Continuous flow - Example: oil refinery (http://www.netmba.com/operations/process/structure/).

These process structures differ in several respects (see ...

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