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    Functional vs. Team Structure

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    Describe the difference between an organization with a functional structure and one with a team structure.
    If you were to choose between working for an organization with a functional structure and another with team structure, which would you choose and why? Do you think that the organizational design will be an important factor for you in making a choice about the type of company for which you would like to work? How can you find this information about a company?

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    There are a variety of different organizational structures that businesses utilize, generally based on their culture, market, and type of business operations. Two of those structures are functional and team. Functional structures are structures where the organization groups people together based on similar skills, activities, and expertise. It is focused on creating departments within an organization, with rigid channels of communication and clearly defined authority and responsibility relationships (Daft, 2009). Its main advantage is that it is very efficient and can actually increase productivity within an organization. It also helps with training programs and avoids any duplicating of processes that are unnecessary.

    In contrast however, a team structure is much more flexible. It is a more modern form of organizational structures and is made up of teams constructed on a shared ...

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    The expert describes the differences between an organization with a functional structure. The important factors for making a choice about the type of a company is determined.