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    Matrix Structure

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    When would a company choose a matrix structure? What are the problems associated with managing this structure, and why might a product-team structure be preferable?

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    A Matrix structure organization is a type of management system composed of teams of professionals with a variety expertise from various sections of the business who are brought together to work on projects. They report to a number of managers of different projects and the idea behind the matrix structure is to share knowledge and personnel to maximize effectiveness. This team exists only for the duration of the project and matrix structures are usually deployed to develop new products and services.

    An organization chooses matrix structure when it is associated with highly collaborative and complex projects but is also widely used in many product/project management situations. Matrix structure has proven to be flexible where teams can be created, changed and dissolved without a major problem. It increases the communication; coordination and motivation of individual employees, and the achievement of goals can bring a sense of commitment and satisfaction. Its strength is the sharing of information as professionals work on more than one project at a time and they can keep each other informed about progress in other areas of the company. It makes a company stronger and united as the different departments are not working against each other. Also, the employees benefit from a broader range of work experience. A Matrix ...

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    The solution discusses when a company chooses a matrix structure, the problems associated with managing it, and the reasons when a product-team structure can be preferable. References included.