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    Analyzing Corporate Organizational Structure

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    Examine the overall corporate organizational structure chart for Exelon Corporation. The chart can be found by going to www.exeloncorp.com and using the Web site search feature to locate "organizational charts." Does it appear that strategy-critical activities are the building blocks of Exelon's organizational arrangement? Is its organizational structure best characterized as a departmental structure tied to functional, process, or geographic departments? Is the company's organizational structure better categorized as a divisional structure? Would you categorize Exelon's organizational structure as a matrix arrangement? Explain your answer.

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    In the United States, Exelon Corporation is classified among the largest electric utilities involved in electricity generation, transmission and distribution. In addition, the corporation is also involved in the distribution of natural gas. The main operations of the company are carried out through its subsidiaries such as ComEd, Exelon generation, and PECO Energy Company while primarily serving the United States with its headquarters in the United States (DATAMONITOR: Exelon Corporation, 2011).

    All the members of Exelon board, excluding the CEO, are all independent directors under criteria which were established by the New York Stock Exchange and incorporated within the corporation's governance principles. The independent directors have no material relationship with the company ...

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