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    Health Care Management Managerial Matrix

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    1. Need help describing the functions of a managerial matrix.


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    1. Need help describing the functions of a managerial matrix.

    Managing organizations involves a wide array of different strategies. In essence, managerial matrix involves organizational management through a series of dual-reporting relationships instead of the more usual or traditional linear structure of management (Matrix Management and Structure, n.d.). "In contrast to most other organizational structures, which arrange managers and employees by function or product, matrix management combines functional and product departments in a dual authority system" (Matrix Management and Structure, n.d.). In other words, in a matrix organization, management involves individual constituents being brought together with specific functions to bring about the desires output of a company.

    Managerial Matrix Functions Described
    a. To promote product and functional departmentalization in a combined manner. This is one very interesting function of matrix management. A company or organization is being organized in such a way that product lines as well as ...

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    The expert describes the function of a managerial matrix for health care management.