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Corporate Structures for functional work teams efficiency

At XYZ Company, there is a department that works on projects regularly and is successful in producing a quality product. At this point they are the only department that works this way. The executive leadership of XYZ would like to move the entire company to a more project oriented atmosphere. There are a number of different corporate structures - functional, dedicated team, projectized organization, and matrix that can be found in a project oriented environment. As a project consultant, what structure would you recommend to this company as they move forward and why? Use specific examples to support your answer and cite references if needed.

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Successful companies strive towards high productivity team departments that focus on the corporate objectives, in order for the attainment to reach the designed initiative. The main areas of corporate structure relate toward functional, matrix, and dedicated team approaches that serves different organizational goals as well as needs. In the case study, the senior management team wishes to revise the current team department on a more project oriented position that will transpire across the whole company organization.

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The development of corporate structures to effectively design a functional team for reaching the targeted company's goals within the targeted marketplace. The review of methods utlized towards employees being communicated effectively on the core internal department intaitives to assure quality product output.