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    Disgusting propaganda poster

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    Research the definition of propaganda. Notice the historical context in which each piece was created, its intended audience, and how politics and culture influenced its design. Analyze how the designer used different design principles (consider color, space, balance, unity, and more) to convey a certain message. Pay careful attention to what that message was intended to be.

    Create a poster using a pre-1950's propaganda style to persuade audiences to do one of the following:

    1.Conserve energy
    2.Use alternative forms of energy
    3.Anti-bullying of high school students
    You might wish to research current artist Shepard Fairey for inspiration. Discuss how your composition is similar to the propaganda you have studied

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    This is about as disgusting an example of propaganda as I can come up with - it is NOT meant to be serious, and I do hope that you understand that!!! It is, however, in the same sort of disgusting style as the original poster from Nazi Germany copied from the reference site of propaganda posters. This one would fall under the category 4 - Recycling, although I doubt the professor had THIS sort of recycling in mind when the assignment was ...

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    Selection of propaganda poster from Nazi Germany, and model sample response based upon the same theme - a thoroughly disgusting one. Definition of propaganda from Web, with reference.