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Variations on About Me Poster & Introductory Lesson Ideas

Please give your comments about activity below:

This is an activity designed for the beginning of the school year. How effective is it? Does it develop cognitive skills?

All About Me Posters - Students create a poster all about them. Items included on the poster can be determined by the teacher and/or the students. The poster should tell a story about the students using images, symbols, photos, words, time-lines, family trees, etc. Students should be given the freedom to be as creative as possible and should be able to use what ever they can to tell the story of who they are. Some restrictions might be that it all has to fit on the poster and that nothing on the poster is perishable or so valuable that they can't leave it on the poster and at school. Studens will be given approximately a week to complete this project and most of it can be done at home with the support of the students' adults. The teacher determines the due date and the students present their posters to the class (usually 3-4 posters a day until all students have presented). The audience should be allowed to ask questions or make comments to each presenter.

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This attachment includes feedback and suggestions on a typical "About Me" poster assignment. It offers variations of the project, modifications for higher-level thinking, and suggetions on practical use in the classroom. This response also includes a chart of Bloom's Taxonomy and two assignment charts that could easily be modified into handouts for students. This solution provides great information and new ideas for education students AND classroom teachers!