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    Using the Behavorist Model for a Lesson Sequence

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    Janet is a Kindergarten teacher in Texas. As part of her unit, Janet decides to concentrate on visual literacy and the students' ability to recognize state and national symbols. She decides to focus on flags, with the state flag of Texas and the United States flag as the center pieces. As part of her learning objectives, she wants students to be able to recognize both flags but also to be able to draw them as well.

    I need to suggest a lesson sequence that Janet can use to lead her students to her desired outcome, using a behaviorist model that includes all three elements (modeling/shaping/cueing).

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    I'll suggest an idea or two for each phase below.

    Modeling: From a poster or banner or several flags, the teacher points out those flags she wants to recognize. She draws one or both of the flags on the board or a poster or ...

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    This solution provides examples of modeling, shaping and cueing in the production of a lesson sequence to kindergarten students on flag recognition, according to the behaviorist model.