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Using graphic organizers

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Graphic organizers are a pictorial way of organizing information. While their use is effective for all students, graphic organizers make content area information more accessible for English Language Learners because of the visual layout and organized details. Search the internet for graphic organizers and provide links to at least three different organizers. How would you best utilize each of the graphic organizers for your English language learners? What is the teacher's role in using organizers?

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The following posting discusses graphic organizers as a way of organizing information.

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English Language Learners (ELLs) are students that need additional support than your remaining students. Graphic organizers help them understand and put thoughts down in a way that is easy and simple for them to know and to remember. One important component to education is that WE as educators must always relate learning to past experiences (prior knowledge) or to the real word. Real life application allows the students to learn with a purpose in mind. A great graphic organizer that ties what they already know with what they are trying to learn is the KWL Chart. K is for what the ...

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