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examples of a graphic organizer

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What are some examples of a graphic organizer? How could it be used in a lesson? Do you have any specific lesson examples you would like to share?

Why must you master a variety of instructional strategies? What difficulties might teachers face when differentiating instruction?

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Some examples of graphic organizers are provided.

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Venn diagrams are particularly useful when we want students be able to compare and contrast a concept. It could be specifically used in any social studies, history of world language class. It could be very easily applied to the following question:

Compare and contrast the educational systems of France and the U.S.. I would then draw overlapping circles. The space in which the circles overlap would be the similarities in the systems i.e. All children are required to begin compulsory elementary education by age 6. The spaces outside the overlap would represent the differences, i.e. students in France have much less opportunity to choose electives Th School day in France often runs from 8am to 5pm but in the U.S. a typical day runs from 8:30 am to3:30 pm, or there is no bus transportation to school provided by the French school systems and so forth.Students would be actively able to determine in which area the fact should be placed because they are already familiar with there own system.

Another useful organizer is a ...

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