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How are graphic organizers used in teaching?

The research is clear about the importance of using graphic organizers to increase student achievement. Discuss how graphic organizers may be used in the content of your teaching. Include in your discussion whether you have used graphic organizers and the successes and challenges you have faced in their use.

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Graphic organizers are very useful tools for teachers to use in student instruction. In an ESL program they may be used by teachers to make content in grade level texts more accessible to second langauge students. Graphic organizers such as webs, Venn diagrams and charts can help these students better comprehend the grade level content found in textbooks. They can be used to teach students to use the organizers to help them understand and organize information. Graphic organizers help convert complex information into managable segments, encourage active learning ...

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The following solution explains how graphic organizers used in the classroom can help teachers enhance student learning in 356 words.