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    Differentiated Instruction - Graphic Organizer

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    Chapter II-6 of your text discussed several graphic organizers for student success. Which of these have you used with students? Which of those that you have not used would you try in a classroom? How can you differentiate instruction with graphic organizers? Discuss a concept that is important to you. Which graphic organizer would you use to teach this concept to your co-workers?

    Graphic Organizers: Venn Diagram and the Body Squares

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    I have experience using the Venn diagram because it has been established as a way to help visualize relationships between disparate objects, ideas or numbers. This visualization is good for showing the intricate relationship between business ideas and practice.The diagram is depicted as two or more circles that overlap, and in the overlapping areas, similarities between the two concepts or numbers are shown. Because it is convenient and easy to understand ...

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