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    Graphic Organizer

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    Choose a graphic organizer from this website - http://www.exploratree.org.uk/

    Create a graphic organizer, using a template or by creating your own by scratch, with the topic of promoting thinking skills online.

    Write a reflection of how the development of the graphic organizer promoted thinking skills for you, as individuals as well as a team.

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    As you know, I have no luck accessing the files that your professor requests! However, I took the information from your previous assignment and included it in a sample graphic organization that you can review as a model. You can then create your own using the template provided to you if you like - No matter what type of graphic organizer you choose to use, it will look very similar to the model one that I included for your review.

    You have to then create a reflection as to why you chose ...

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    The expert creates a graphic organizer using a template or by creating it from scratch. A reflection of how the development of the graphic organizer promotes thinking skills is written.