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Pre-assessing using the 4 corners model

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Please assist me in developing this concept using the 4 corner model.

Discovery learning- the child discovers important concepts about a topic such as volume by comparing amount of a liquid in a tall, narrow cylinder versus a short wide one.
In the 4 corner reference asks, the following: I think it is...I think it is important because...A symbol for it might be...I already meet the needs of my student by... I need to know...

Using the model how could it be used to summarize the experience to pre-assess student learning?

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Discussion of various types of 4 corners graphic organizer, and using this model to pre-assess student learning.

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First, four corners refers to a problem-solving graphic organizer. Divide a page into four equal parts, and label them according to what you wish to accomplish. There are different versions of this organizer for science, for English, for reading, for problem-solving activities, reaching group consensus, etc.

One version has the four corners labeled strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree. An issue is presented, and members of the group divide up according to their views on the issue. Then they confer with others who share their views and bring their group view to the general group debate. ...

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