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    Assessing pre-schoolers

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    Please provide a brief summary of 3 assessment strategies that could be used in a differentiated pre-school classroom. Please include the reference link( for additional research)

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    There are a lot of ways to approach assessment for pre-schoolers. These hits were returned from Google, and my summary of the sites follows the URLs. I copied and pasted the solution here, but the attachment preserves the hyperlinks to the sites, and this text box does not.

    URL: http://kendrik2.wordpress.com/2007/09/27/pre-assessment-strategies/
    This web resource discusses pre-assessment strategies that help the teacher assess what students already know about the topic before presenting a lesson or unit. This pre-assessment allows the teacher to focus on material the students do not yet know, and avoid repeating material that they do know. This allows the teacher to make ...

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    A discussion of assessment strategies for pre-school teachersm with Web references, OTA summaries, and hyperlinks are provided for additional research.