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    Recommendations as a pre-school Consultant

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    I want to imagine myself as a pre-school consultant who will lead an effort to make the organization more competitive in the market. I want to make recommendations would you make in the following key areas (listed below):

    â?¢Defining the organization's mission
    â?¢Choosing an organizational structure
    â?¢Managing the organization's performance
    â?¢Establishing collaborative networks
    â?¢Ensuring quality products or services
    â?¢Using technology and managing knowledge
    â?¢Leading innovation
    â?¢Managing change
    â?¢Making decisions
    â?¢Managing power, politics, and conflict
    Provide rationale for your recommendations

    Thank you again

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    Defining the organization's mission

    To produce graduates who are academically and socially prepared for formal schooling.

    Choosing an organizational structure
    The pre - school centre will start small but with a highly qualified pre - school administrator, four teachers, and three support personnel. The administrator will be the owner himself. The four teachers are highly specialized in the areas of Science, Mathematics, English, and Values Education. The support personnel will include 1 as cashier, 1 as maintenance personnel, and 1 as security personnel.
    The organizational structure may expand horizontally as its operations continue to grow.

    Managing the organization's performance
    Indicators of performance include trend in the number of enrolees, completers/graduates, and awards achieved by the schools and the pupils as well. To ensure that the day care centre would be able to attain its targets as to these performance indicators, the following would be necessary:
    1. Highly qualified ...

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