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Educational Consultant optimisation pricing

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Answers to Education Consultant Questions

1. Write a formula reflecting the pricing structure for Erickson Consulting.

Cost of Hiring Erickson Consulting = A + B + C + D + E + F

A = Signing Amount (not Advance) = $ 1500
B = Contract Review Cost = ($ 125*a hrs) where, a ≤ 8, a is contract reviewing hours
C = Contract Formulation Cost = ($ 125 *b hrs) where, b ≤ 12, b is contract formulation hours
D = Applicant Screening Cost = ($ 25 * m) where, m is no of applicants
E = Applicant Preliminary Interview Cost = ($ 125 *n) where, n is no of applicants interviewed in the preliminary stage
F = Applicant Final Interview Cost = ($ 175 *p) where, p is no of applicants interviewed in the final stage

Cost of Hiring = 1500 + ($125*a) + ($125*b) + ($25*m) + ($125*n) + ($175*p)

2. Carol presumes that there will be approximately 90 applicants, 10 preliminary interviews and 3 final interviews. Using her numbers, what is the maximum that the district will have to pay Mr. Erickson?

Referring to the formulae above, it is ...

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The solution details a selection process for an educational consultant depending on certain constraints and considerations of calculations for pricing and payment structure , as well as service availibility. The solution also considers certain qualitative aspects of the selection process. For those of you who prefer to qualify this by the exact problem, the name of the company in consideration is Erickson Consulting.