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Skills Matrix and Team Member Roles for Capstone

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TRRSK - Consulting group
Briefly describe -
Support staff (which could be customer and employee support) is a role that needs to be identified for this team

List and description of the identified roles of each member of the consulting firm.

The attached word doc shows the skills and another doc shows the consulting group info

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Please Note: Without knowing your team members firsthand, the longer descriptions are practically impossible to write. I wrote two of them based on conjecture, but that will give you a model to follow for the others. Ideally each person should write his/her own long description, because they know their own work experience/skill set the best.

I was also guessing as to which skill set belonged to which person so I letter-matched them so you'll be able to correct that as needed.

(Please see attached)

List of Roles and Associated Responsibilities
K Human Resources Officer
Training & Development Specialist ? Creates training programs
? Conducts training seminars
? Evaluates effectiveness of training programs
? Negotiates contracts for training services
? Administrates all Human Resources areas for the firm
T Managing Partner
Management Consultant ? Consults with clients to define needs
? Identifies problem areas via data collection and analysis
? Creates solutions and works with client to implement them
? Negotiates contracts for all consulting services
? Manages direction and growth strategy for the firm
R2 Marketing Officer
Marketing Consultant ? Works with managing ...

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