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A Matrix for Employee Position Suitability

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Role Identification

A statement explaining why each member is best suited to his or her established role and his or her duties and responsibilities: This must include a description of how each member's education, especially his or her program of study and experience prepared him or her for the roles and duties. Make reference to specific courses that assisted in the preparation.

The name of your consulting firm-J2D3 Consulting Firm

A list of the duties and responsibilities assigned to each consulting firm member.
Member One: Provide leadership training to each participant.
Member Two: Provide communications training and solve problems of the organization.
Member Three: Provide Total Quality Management training to the participants.
Member Four: Provide training technical support to the clients by online or on site by sending the technical support staff of the company
Member five: Business Process/Operations examine clients internally, such as production processes, distribution, order fulfillment, and customer service. While strategy consultants set the firm's goals, operations consultants ensure that clients reach these goals. Operations consulting firms investigate customer service response times, cut operating or inventory backlog costs, or investigate resource allocation.

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This solution focuses on placing each member of a work team in a specific position, based on overall suitability. The matrix involves consideration of education, experience, knowledge and achievements of each team member and provides a justification for why each member of the team is placed in each position.

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