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Human Resources Management: Work Experience or Education

When determining an employee's compensation package, what is more important: work experience or education? Provide an example that supports your choice and a rationale that validates your position.

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Education or Working Experience
A well established compensation package is quite helpful to retain best talent within the organization that is benefited employer for long-run. For this purpose, HR manager has to decide the basis of the compensation properly. There are two main bases on which compensation decision lies such as education and working experience. Education or qualification level of employee displays a check-box for management by which an idea related to employees' theoretical knowledge and skills in particular course or program could be determined (Rich, 2005). On the other hand, working experience of the employees presents how efficiently they convert their theoretical knowledge in practical knowledge.
Education and working experience both are opposite to each other and equally important as well as to make decision in respect of employees compensation. Nowadays, to make compensation ...

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The solution discusses when determining an employee's compensation package what is more important, work experience or education.