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Business Major Life Experiences

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1.) How can lifes experiences influence how you think?
2.) What would interest a student to want to major in business?
3.) How can your previous education inform your current thinking about being a business major?

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1.) How can life's experiences influence how you think?
Every individual goes through their own life experiences whether good or bad. There is the saying that experience is our best teacher. And based upon the impact of those experiences it can also influence the way we think. Experiences are events or series of events participated or lived through (FreeDictionary, 2012). Sometimes an individual can experience loneliness, or experience the best adventurous vacation, or experience a really good childhood, or a difficult childhood, etc. And such situations such as this can influence how an individual think about themselves, how they may think about others or life in general. It can also influence how an individual make decisions or choices in life that requires critical thinking. In particularly, past ...

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How life experiences influence how you think is determined in the solution. What interests a student to major in business is determined.

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