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Relating to Others through Similar Problems

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Many individuals are called to certain professions due to their own life experiences from the past or something that significantly impacted their life. They are called to spread the word or to simply help others dealing with similar issues or problems. Sometimes the best way to help another person is by being able to relate to their problem or issue beyond what you may have learned in a book. Do you agree with this statement?

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I definitely agree with this statement. This is one of the main reasons why you will hear someone say that they went into "the family business." Life experiences with parents in that profession or working in that business accumulated and the child now desires the same outcomes as his or her parents experienced. Others grow into professions based on personal experiences that are unique to each ...

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This solution discusses the ability of one person being able to relate to another person due to life experiences that are similar. Helping another person through this type of relation is discussed, and the truth/untruth to the statement in general is also addressed.