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foundational management philosophies

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What is a foundational management philosophy? Describe the foundational management philosophies of DeBono, Nihon Kyokai and Kaizen. What are the perceived differences between the three?

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On Foundational Management Philosophy

Foundational management philosophies are those philosophies that provide a way of critically thinking and exploring management as a social task - one that contains conflict because of the nature of human relations (Kramer, 1975). Good foundational management philosophies offers ideas that can minimize conflict, promote cooperation and productivity. According to Drucker (1954), one way of building a good foundation for management within an organization is to manage by objectives (MBO) - this is a simple idea. Essentially, the objectives of the organization are identified so that management and employees understand and agree to their tasks and roles as it relates to or contributes to the achievement of these objectives. In this way of looking at organizations - members are participative as it allows for the areas of responsibility of each individual member to be defined and the expectations that come with each role. The unique attribute to this philosophy are as follows -- employees are motivated, they communicate and coordinate much better, goals and responsibilities are clarified and management is able to link all individual activities towards the bigger organizational ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) of exploring, defining and describing foundational management philosophies by DeBOno, Nihon Kyokai and the philosophy known as Kaizen. Their differences and similarities are also discussed. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.